My absence on the blog has fetched me several
names in the past, but none has been more solid than
the one I got some weeks ago.

Well, pull up! Rewind come back again, selecta. Take it back from the top!

Ever since the birth of my daughter,  I’ve been threatening to drop a piece, “Shit They Don’t Tell You.” There are probably a mazillion websites on parenting out there. Most of them seem to be written by some super moms.

One of my favorites is a site called “Babycentre Community!” A well-meaning best friend recommended it to me and I’ve never read it. The reason why it is my “favorite” is the same reason why I’ve never read it. The damn thing has too many posts. What pregnant person has time to read all those posts? I mean, it is probably a great site that is chock full of good advice on pregnancy and parenting that could have changed my life on a daily basis, but I’ll never know because I only read a few updates. If I had time to read , it would have been on how to keep my own shit together.

But, as usual, I am digressing. What I started this post to talk about is my own “ shit they don’t tell you about pregnancy and parenting,” from the more or little I have learnt so far.


I mean, ask any mother about the actual birth of their child and they will go into enough gory but vague detail. But if you were to ask them what it’s like to be pregnant, they seem to lose that thread of vulnerability and honesty.

It takes a strong woman to admit that she feels like she is flailing everyday and that every day feels like a crap shoot where she misses the mark more than she hits it. I think that this fear that we are getting it wrong stems from the gross misconception that we’ve all been fed.


If anyone could every really convey how freaking hard it is, i’m not sure that we’d do it! I mean, of course, we would because of the whole irrational, biological imperative to make minions of ourselves.

There is so much that nobody tells you. There is so much shit that we don’t dare share with one another either out of own sneaking suspicion that we might be termed weak or, let’s face it, because it’s so gross and hard and ridiculous, who would believe us anyway?! Certainly not a woman whose biological clock is ticking so loudly that she can scarcely hear anything above it.

If you are currently pregnant and reading lots of books and websites about pregnancy and childbirth, please stop immediately. Whatever you think you are planning, something else is most likely going to happen. Simply trust your body.


Motherhood doesn’t come naturally and you may not even like — let alone love — your baby at first sight. Want to know what my first thought was when I saw my daughter for the first time? “Oh my god. I’ve given birth to a little white red-faced alien.”I apologize if my frankness offends anyone. However, when the nurse first showed me that furry, white red-faced creature with a shock of black hair, my brain could not comprehend that baby had come out of my body.

Within the first 48 hours of bringing your baby home from the hospital, you will be convinced that you have ruined your life. This is for women who are about to become moms. I don’t do it to be mean or to scare but to let them know that when it happens that it is normal. I also quickly reassure them that they have not, of course, ruined their lives and that it very quickly gets much, much better. Having that baby is like hitting a brick wall. Luckily, Mother Nature makes them so freaking cute and floods our brains with oxytocin so that we soon fall in madly in love with our babies and we are willing to do whatever it takes to keep this tiny creature alive.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart and speaking of…
There is this great quote from Elizabeth Stone that says, “Making the decision to have a child — it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” You have never felt such vulnerability as you will once you have a child loose in the world. Every fever, every rash, every boo whoo experienced by your kids will feel like your own.

But yote Tisa ya kumi,…  having a child makes you a better person whether you like it or not. They drag us — often kicking and screaming — into real adulthood and into being less self-centered because their survival literally depends on us. But not to get too melodramatic here because humans have been having and raising children for literally centuries.
You got this Wendy.

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Everyone is asking why you don’t blog anymore.
Are you out of the country?
Did you quit blogging? For how long
should I keep refreshing your blog? Where am I
supposed to read single girl stories? Are you
testing us? Lol. Hii inaitwa kuzoeana bana!
Pull up! Rewind come back again, selecta. Take
it back from the top!
It’s been a while since I dropped a piece — rant or
otherwise. The blame won’t go to erratic power
supply this time, rather I’ll attribute it
to my of late, busy schedule. I recently graduated to being
an adult #teamkujihustlelia. I’ll quit playing around and get straight to the point.
So the other day, the final day after I completed my 844
Education. I was very calm relaxing after the final paper
In my room seeing a season of my
favourite movie when the power holding
company did their thing, snuffing the life
out of my desktop comp just when a villain was
about loosing his head. I gave a long hiss
capable of turning a normal pregnancy to
breech and then said some swear words
anyone would easily mistake for german.
Only God can make KPLC workers live
long in Kenya.

With the heat escalating at each passing
second I welcomed the idea of going out.
I called two of my girlfriends
Who also were of the idea. I called my cab guy then changed into  a nice pencil trouser
and a nice vest with my leather jacket
as usual to add the required effect. You
never can tell who you’ll run into
especially the sashaying species of the
male nomenclature. We got into the cab and in less than 10 minutes, we were in tao.
After alighting from the cab we started arguing on which club to go to. The street was deserted but we didn’t give it
much thought, we were busy skimming and
scanning, cat walking like we just signed an
endorsement deal with Keroche Industry.
A green land rover appeared
from nowhere and pulled up just beside us.
I saw the familiar faces of some hard guys
turn sober like they just tested positive for HIV.
It happened so fast it’s hard to remember
the details even now. I think someone
carrying a gun rudely told me to hop into
the van.I what the fucked and rambled about me
knowing my civil rights as a bona fide
citizen of — , then a thunderous slap that
cut my sentence short . Earth was immediately without
form. . . and Nyeri town terribly void!
Darkness was upon the face of the deep;
but the spirit of God was nowhere to be
It was nearing the holidays, hence the raid to get
suspects. The raid I gallantly bounced into.
Our journey to the station still befuddles
me, but nothing can erase the experience we had an hour of no freedom.

The mosquitoes there were so cool, calm
and collected. I kid you not. Very big and
safety conscious too. They’ll test your blood
first (perhaps for any disease) and then
insert their power drill that siphons blood
at 0.25pint per second. Multiplied by our
numbers crammed in the vehicle, that’s some
serious barrels of blood dont you think?
The heat, stuffy atmosphere caused by poor
ventilation, and my contribution to the
gaseous releases thanks to my beans-ey last
meal all culminated to a micro-warming—a
subset of global warming—just enough to
brood chicks. 
Luckily we managed to convince the cops to take the little we had kama chai before reaching the station. Though I blamed myself for going out while i should have stayed put in my room I got an experience.
I wouldn’t want it to recur ever.
Whoever started the “police is your friend”
line must have definitely been taking
cheap unadulterated urea-fertilizer
cultivated weed, or something worse.

Happy Tear Gas Day y’all!

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To many people out there, this is an adorable, romantic and special day to express how much they love each other. To me, its a day where couples want to show off that they have someone to spend this beautiful day with.


Why should there be a particular day to express love for one another? Shouldn’t that be done every single day if you love that person?

I bet 89.9% of the girls simply want gifts and an extraordinary day where they get the opportunity to empty the guy’s wallet with a valid reason.

For the guys, however, this is a day to get the opportunity to take things to another level physically.

Valentine’s day to me is not any different from the rest of the days. I mean, why should I over express my feelings on this day when I don’t do the same in the rest of the days? Consistency in love is what makes it worth while ceteris paribus.
I frankly couldn’t care less about this day!


Peace out!

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Have you ever wished
you could go back in time and inform your
younger self of what life would be like
ahead? I am sure a lot of you said
“oh eem gee, yes!” so uhh yeah,what if I could go back in time and have a very important talk with myself? ” 
if some genius happens to create a time machine in my lifetime,……We would be talking all day
because there is a lot I would need to say. 
The person i am today would most probably be in a very big fight with the person i was like 4years ago.
I witnessed too many ironies in my life
and have gone through painful experiences.
Despite learning from these mistakes,
I wish I could tell my young self what I
know now and these are the things i would say:


“Everyone is NOT your friend.”
Younger self, just because a person laughs
with you does not mean they have your best
interest. Wolves often dress up in sheep’s
clothing. Actions always prove why words mean nothing.
Keep your eyes open, ears clear, and heart protected.

“Let go”
I used to dwell on the past through old
posts from Facebook timelines, old pictures,
old letters, old videos, or songs that would
instantly remind me of some person, place,
time period, or memory.
And after viewing  things, I’d recall all
the memories that I had with that
particular person, and although good, the
nostalgia stung my heart a bit.
I’d wonder about what those people are
doing now, what they’ve been up to, what
made us drift, or if our dynamic could ever
be the same again.
And with certain people, it may be a
blessing and a relief that they are no longer
in my life, but with others, I had wished
that our paths would align again.
Paradoxically, the memories made me sad
and happy all at the same time. But if I
could tell my young self what I know now,
I’d remind her that this is just a natural
process in life. Sometimes it’s controllable,
but other times, it’s out of our power and
there’s a time to let go. I think its important to
realise that u can miss something but not want it back .

“Don’t hold back on your dreams”
Embrace your talents and goofy personality and don’t hide your smile. Let go of the boring barrier you put on
for people and let them see who you really
are. You will be surprised how many lives
you touch once you just let go and be
yourself. Introduce the world to the real
Shehulk. The people will not run away from
you. If anything, they will love you more.

“Be greatfull”
Big or small, appreciate the things that
you’re blessed with, whether it’s good
health, an opportunity to have an
education, your family, your friends, the
roof over your head, or something as
simple as an umbrella when it’s raining.
I’m grateful and thankful for the sounds of
laughter coming from the people I love in
my life. When you remind yourself what
you’re blessed with (rather than what you
wish you had), you end up living a more
fulfilling life. Yes we may not have all we
desire and deserve (yet), what about the ones we
have but do not deserve?…..

I wanted to share a lot of things I would
tell my younger self like not to cut my hair short:oops:😩
I scratched a lot off of the list simply because they were the dumbest/best part of my life. No regrets, no mistakes though, just lessons.
But one more thing i’d warn my younger self would be
To watch out for friends who dont take good pictures of me😜😜
Cheers to living and learning!

Photo credits
Harrison leken
Briansmartist photography

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Wow! Wow! How time flies. Forgive me for I have erred. I have gone
AWOL for another forever and that feels
bad. Believe me, it does; but one has gotta
do what she gotta do.
Do you really know what it feels like to
have over 40 million followers on a social
media account? (Relax! I ain’t Justin Bieber i don’t even have
400!) I mean, that’s like saying that the
total population of Kenya likes/double taps/trails/monitors/spies one person. All I did was a gentle wait for the
clock to countdown to this day―with the
help of the Most High, and I had a faint
idea of the feeling.Immeasurable thanks to the gracious God for
this privilege I have to be alive, healthy, and
of sound mind. An elaboration of these words with a bible verse
is worthy of another piece entirely, but I
know “they” won’t read it. You know them,
right? He’s the first friend to whom I must
pay my dues and acknowledge. Mungu haishi Kayole wala hakuli ugali. . . I would’ve gone out of my way to
get Him ugali mix.
To my family, Asante sana merged with
mérci beaucoup are not enough to appreciate
you. Family is indeed one of the best in one’s
life; always around even in situations where
others would turn around and outrun Kemboi. You’re much loved and appreciated.
Now I advance to my other friends — I mean
the non-spirits; the ones that use smart
phones, wear cloths, perfumes, bla-bla and
bras. I cant forget bras. I would’ve loved to name them one after
another but that is impossible. Okay, it’s not
impossible, since they are not too many but my laziness won’t allow me see the entire list through. Please, if I
don’t spell out some names don’t be annoyed.
Know it that you made your part in a way or
another. Don’t deal with me personally.
I’ll start with christine, my main my bff. She’s
very cool. Cool-headed, cool-thinking, cool-
speaking (she can really tweng) cool-pissing, cool-eating [ rolling my
eyes ]. . . cool everything. Dear reader please
feel free to interpret the -everything as you
deem fit. It has been a
wonderful year with you. . . from across
thousand miles. May you never run out of
eggs to sell. Okay, let her explain that.
There’s this writer I’ve known for at least four
years now, but I actually met the real him around three years ago. He’s someone I’ll call Mr capable, and a blend of
many things. Good things. Thanks. You inspire and motivate me
@Broken h_art
I know one lovely, dark, tall handsome em. . .
erm, sweet funny guy. He’s sweet even his name
reminds me of hamburger in a mysterious way.
Very mysterious! I decided to stop at four
adjectives so I won’t implicate myself and put
a target on my forehead for crushing,
potential, and wannabe girlfriends fiancés to
aim at and shoot [ looks around for sniper ].
True, the Lord is my shepherd, but I should
be careful. He is a comedian and (even though he’s yet to agree on that),
hence, my choice of “fiancé” over “girlfriend” can be really. . . *sneezes*. . .
never mind. He has been wonderful to me in
many ways he’s even oblivious of, in so many
ways I won’t say. I love. . . (hold on, wait for
it). . . you Leken. I love you, penda wewe sana.
Thanks for 2015. Let’s do it again.
Another special thank you goes to Kennedy
Ken paul, Kinuthia. . . He’s just one
man, but more than three in one. I’d earlier
thought since i chucked-outa DeKUT that would make him less friendly, more
distant or incommunicado-loving, but he has proved me wrong.
Whenever I see him, hear and read from him,
words like caring, deep thinking, great
mind, small-head-full-brain, come to mind.
Thanks for the push, the encouragement and
the support.
[ Clears throat ] I want to sing. I’d like to sing
‘cuz the owner of this space likes to sing. A
lot. By singing I mean godly songs, not the
c’mon-grab-her-bum or nakuguza haga unaskia thithi kinda songs. However. . . hmmmn okay, i ain’t sure…
no howevers. This tall friend has so
many “correkt” female friends; our major
source of “misunderstanding”, but I’m trusting
God he’ll change come 2016. Dash? Right. I
appreciate you from high school days till date you’ve been a
good “friend.”
I’ll take these two fine persons together;
@sheilacoo and @fayhunter. They’re both fair
and tush, if there’s a word like that. The
former is super-cool, easy going and again,
Beautiful. Interested parties can take note.
The latter, beautiful and equally lovable
(hopefully I won’t nominate myself for
trouble somehow on this one). Interested
parties should go away jipeeni shuguli, her
handle isn’t even correct. I made sure of that. Lots of thanks for
cooperation and for the yoga classes. I don’t do yoga classes nowadays due to fart issues i mean fat… These two put lots of
smiles on my face this year and I’m saying a
big thank you for that.
Another batch of appreciation goes to
@faydiva , @clarerwamba and
@irene ; my brothers from other
mothers, I mean sisters. Also sharonBii, waynewonder, and
@scholastica with the sobriquet “TinTin brothers.” About Mr. TinTin aka Duncan Thenya, the name is actually a misnomer ‘coz to me all, he’s nothing close to tiny. When you need
unadulterated trouble go knock on his door.
Okay, I’ll take my leave now before it’s too
late [ picks race ]. Thank you much plenty, Jah
bless y’all.
My stay in Kahawa Ridge Estate also led me to
some important people, two of which proved
extra-ordinary. Much gracias to @Mbuthia
my funny and sharp pal, and to
@jackson, the wise young man.
Oh, my charming cuzoniece Bernice , how can I forget you? Meeting you in DeKUT was one of the good things that happened to me.  May God bless you.
I should go on to be fair to all, but I just
can’t. The list is endless!
To my other friends not mentioned, including former high school mates especially the ones that are not
cantankerous, I’m grateful.
God touch your hearts ASAP.
To readers and followers of Shehulk1 blog, a
very massive thank you goes to you. Goodness
and mercy shall must follow you. Writing my
rants would appear rubbishy (is that word
even correct?) if not for your readership. To
non-readers and nah-I-don’t-read-blogs
individuals, what can I say? I would’ve said
thanks but there’s no point doing that, they
won’t read anyway.
This seems like a good time to allow that
narrator bring more glasses so we can do
justice to the expensive wines. I’ll suggest she
brings one for herself too. Wotchu think?
A toast to a wonderful 2016:
Here’s health to those I love, and wealth to
those who love me. May the fountain of
friendship never dry, nor the wings of love
lose a feather. May our dreams come truer
than anticipation.
Methinks I know nice toasts, but now I cannot
remember them. Please, fill your glass to
anything and bless yourself. I’ll drink to it.
To greater achievements!


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Birds have the one power that humans cannot possess even if they try. That is to fly. Well only super humans can but that’s another story altogether. Bird watching has become my fascinating hobby and this is how it all began……………
An irritating sound on the window pane awakens me from my sweet, deep slumber. After a long day at school, I just needed all the sleep I could get. I check my watch it’s just after 6 am. I cover my head with an extra pillow, but the noise gets louder. I roll over again, but no sooner do I get comfortable, new tapping sound on the window pane disturb my sleep.
Half asleep, I slip out of bed and open the curtains. The bright morning sun almost blinds me. I have to cover my eyes and peep through my fingers to catch a glimpse of the noise makers that won’t let me sleep. But when my eyes finally get accustomed to the bright light, my anger and frustration melt away in an instant. Two very beautiful cape robin chats stare at me. Their eyes move methodically from my face to the room and then back to me. I have never had such an experience in my life before and I could hear my heart pound with sheer excitement and amazement. I slowly wave my hand in the air as if to say “good morning”. But they sit there on the window pane their eyes fixed on me. A few minutes ago I was asleep, but now I am fully awake.


I think to myself why not immortalize and freeze this moment on my camera? I turn slowly and head for my phone and leap towards the window, only to find that the beautiful creatures have vanished. My eyes roam in an effort to trace my new friends. Then I notice some leaves dropping from a giant croton megalocarpus tree in front of my room. I look up and voila! My new friends are watching me from the top. I have only a few seconds to stare at them before they fly away and out of sight.
I almost dance across the room to the door. Impatiently I turn the knob and yank the door open. This catches a flock of speckled mouse birds by surprise. Some jump up the tree while others jump up the electric poles. With more than a pair of speckled mouse birds eyes staring at me, I smile back to reassure them that I am only happy to see them. I lift up my phone and start clicking away smiling as I capture every moment. The red colored widow birds put on a show for me as they fly, model and pose for the camera a couple of feet in the air on the electric wires. “This is marvelous!” I whisper to myself. This qualifies to be an “aaawwwh!” Moment.
From the Nyeri hill, the golden rays of the morning sun light up the dew on the grass. All around me is life and energy. I am lost in my own thoughts as the atmosphere of peace and tranquility wraps around me like a comforting blanket. Nature not only gives me a feeling of exclusivity but it also builds a wild excitement in my heart. Link the green vegetation and wild flowers my emotions take flight.
A butterfly perches on my arm with beauty beyond my own desires. Overwhelming rush sweep through my skin as if i had bathed with aloe or wore an expensive silk attire. The power from the sun rejuvenates my spirit. Heart filled with joy and mind filled with so much peace that you could hear it. Wild flowers start dancing to the rhythm and beat of the wind every time it walks by. I take a deep breath of fresh air and hold it in. it’s the most wonderful perfume I have ever had the pleasure to inhale. For sure, on earth there is no heaven but there are pieces of it. I love not man the less but nature the more.


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It has been like whaat two weeks or so since i last FED this page “instagram” has been OVER-FED though…i wish i published more often though…but laziness combined with,….well laziness again has contributed largely to my wish not being fulfilled. Four years as an undergraduate has come and are almost gone, not for me alone, but for me and my other beautiful colleagues.

It is a total truth that a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step. This time around, the steps are replaced with years. I recall my arrival to the town (nyeri), three years and some months ago. You need to see the look on the young girl’s face; peeping through the matatu’s window as if I’m at the scene of the 10th world wonder. After a few minutes drive, we got into the school area and the real feeling kicked in. My heart beat pattern changed from soul and blues to rock within seconds, many thanks to agitation. I began to question myself, “Am I seriously going to cope in this environment?” Ordinarily I shouldn’t be so nervous, but a number of factors made it a must. Trust me, I’d tell you but thats a story for another day.

My undergraduate days wasn’t just about that alone. I’ll focus more on a few interesting ones; the people I met (met lots of wonderful ones as a matter of fact), the rigours of studying and hard times—yes, strenuous but interesting—and several others I can’t quite categorize. I’ll delve into a few and see if you experienced something similar.

First time in any place or setting is always somehow boring for some people, especially timid people like I used to be. I remember sitting down in one corner throughout my first week in the university, acting as though I was not one of the students. My first year in school wasn’t really fun since I didn’t mix or get myself involved besides going for lectures and returning back to my hostel as soon as I’m done. I discovered I missed lot of things later on. I made lots of friends over the years though, most of them interesting people. There was a time in my final year when I actually looked back to this period (fresher days as we all call it) and the clear distinction led me to the conclusion; I’m not who I used to be. Who or what to be blamed? I have no clear-cut answer. Just another proof that change is inevitable.

Teaching is often called the noble profession and I believe lecturing—a close equivalent yet with differences—deserves to at least feature as well in the good name. In the course of my journey as an undergraduate I passed through lots of lecturers. Some were particularly excellent teachers who did their best to make sure we understand what’s been taught, not minding the stress and hard gesticulation it would cost (much bravo to *Prof*). You really need to see him go down low…and up (literally), just to make the impression and get his points made. Those are the kind I ought to tag THE GOOD. Of course, there are quite a few who we couldnt really understand what they teach but will always demand more from you. They teach you in English and expect you to answer them in French…with serious accent (figuratively)! I’m sorry I won’t write names but you sure know the likes. Undoubtedly, they are THE BAD. The last category are those who are exceptionally too active, they won’t let the ladys rest! The future wives for crying out loud! May God punish devils (say amen please). Some woo ladies as a young guy would, others involve your course/grades so you’ll have to agree or fail (remember you didn’t hear this from me). Those are most definitely THE UGLY. Truth be told, the ladies are to be blamed sometimes, but what of the other times? The other times? #Lips sealed

The issue of securing seat  during the exams and the melodrama attached with it is one thing I can’t possibly forget. In fact, about half of the whole class acknowledged it’s one thing they’ll miss about the class. Perhaps you don’t know what I mean exactly, it is the paramount thing back then, especially in the final year. You get to school as early as possible just to get a seat, yet you’ll still discover the spaces are already taken…many thanks to the concerned friends. If you decide to pretend you don’t know what’s going on and try sitting on the taken space, the popular words come out; Someone is there.

I know I never really lived much of what I’ll call my-campus-dream-come-true, but I did have my own fair share. If you want to live reasonably large in Nyeri town you’re good to go, so long you have what it takes—money. In the same vein, if you choose to lay low comfortably, you’re also in the right place. I remember the way we spend back then just when the periodic allowance comes in (HELB), a week like that is what we call the week of pride (kujichocha) because we make sure we savour the moment and wait for the inevitable ugali and kales (ugali veve) and sturungi—that thing in our pots we call food—thereafter. A combination of many things and rice; an undebbuged version of the software “mchele njeri”. Undergraduate days really taught me how to konkorct practically anything. I mean anything! Just name it. Over time, I got the lesson and learnt to spend judiciously. Who said hunger is not a wonderful teacher?

One of the tiring things about my undergraduate days was the more than once in a while strikes. We all seem to have one complain or the other every now and then. I needn’t say all these affects more directly than indirectly. Being chased by makaraos with tear gas. It was fun participating though, I think you understand (*whispering*…kurushia makarao mawe). I strongly hope she (my mom) won’t read this piece any time soon. Except if you attended a private university, it is almost impossible to complete a four year course in exactly four years.

I remember the days of repeated sessions in the library in the endeavour to make straight ‘A’s (or something very close at least) and accomplish my aims in the university. (I slept throughout on my first attempt), but I really enjoyed the few times I went. The attendance during the exam periods would make you think there is a lecture scheduled in the library, to be attended by the serious and the unserious alike. Ordinarily, studying in the library is supposed to allow one read very well, far away from the temptations of the comfy of one’s bed and to motivate when you see others reading, but it also serves other purposes. First, it offers some, a bed away from their own bed. They get to read a few lines and, well… Au revoir! (I’ve actually witnessed a snorer). Second, it’s a great way to show the I’m-serious facade even if the person is totally otherwise. Third, it proffers an avenue for gisting and ronzing; if you know what i mean. After all, “man must not live by bread (books) alone….” The list continues.

Life as an undergraduate was actually one of the good and the bad happening concurrently. Mere thought of the happy moments makes me smile, and sometimes laugh out loud uncontrollably (not in public though). The talks and gists, packagings, trips, scandals, parties, crazy politics, assignments (plus the ‘copy and paste’ that accompanies it), final year project, relationships (coughs), bla-bla-bla. Others that I don’t like include the legendary awaiting results , the stress and uncomfortable lectures, the long queues for anything and everything… and saddest of all, the feeling when a fellow pays the supreme sacrifice. Sincere commiseration to all of us who lost someone, we are indeed, pencils in the hand of the creator. It’s been by His grace we are where we are today, not by anyone’s doing.

SO WHAT??… sure a lotta my colleagues woulda asked themselves this same question!!…Now its time to do the next important thing, for some people its to make money, for others its to get married(several names readily pop into my head) for others its to further education,am not too keen on that though most especially not in this same country that supposedly has given me most of my education till-date, and for others they simply don’t know!!!i don’t blame them though no need to rush right? Tuko Kenya na hakuna matata!

Soon enough i will change status and become a graduate (not borne out of pride). Although the memories will always linger. It’s time for other things entirely; fresh challenges, opportunities, endeavours, aspirations and many more. It’s time to correct the mistakes of the past and improve on the good stuffs. Time to be a better version of oneself because better days lie ahead.

First you have to find whats truly important and that might require a deep soul searching, then you GO-FOR it.Before you climb that ladder make sure it’s not leaning against the wrong wall!!else every step you would be taking would get you to the wrong place FASTER!!! I wish everyone i have come across during my  4 YEAR journey as an undergraduate the best…….aurovoir….

A toast to a wonderful future fellas….

Happy Mashujaa Day.
You are all my heroines and heroes….kinda…technically..y’all insane and have managed to not kill yourself upto now..true ninjas!😘😘

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